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Arches Capital is a fast-growing business that is bridging the gap between Venture Capitalists and Business Angels. They invest in early-stage companies that are ready to scale fast. Their group of investors consists of seasoned entrepreneurs with deep knowledge and broad experience in spaces such as FinTech, Data Science, Commerce, Cybersecurity, MedTech, and many more. Most of their members are experienced angel investors and serial entrepreneurs.

The challenge

After Arches Capital launched as a fairly small group of dedicated, engaged angel investors in the Amsterdam region, it wasn’t long before they quickly started to expand across the Netherlands. Although they valued the need to physically meet clients in order to exchange knowledge and experience as seasoned entrepreneurs, the call for a robust, secure, and easy to operate platform to share all deal-flow related information quickly became a necessity.

Arches Capital needed a platform that would support their growth and high demand from participating investors. The platform needed to act as a digital hub that members could refer to at any time, on any device so that they were able to evaluate deal-flow, perform due diligence and invest in promising start-ups and scale-ups. In addition, Arches Capital needed to have the means of administering the deal-flow and investment transaction process from the start, as well as being able to communicate and share information effectively with each of their members.

Arches Capital private markets platform

The solution

Arches Capital selected Delio as their partner and supplier to create this piece of technology. Through the Arches Capital private markets platform, they are able to both strengthen their relationship with current members, as well as easily provide any potential new members with a preview of their digital proposition before they decide to join the investment group. More pertinently though, the platform allows them to continue connecting investments to early-stage companies through a digital-first approach, which is helping their clients to scale their businesses.

As they provide their deal-flow and services to a private group of angel investors, and because the deal-flow itself (i.e. the information provided by entrepreneurs to Arches Capital) is generally confidential, data security and governance was a key priority. Delio was able to satisfy these criteria by configuring Arches Capital’s platform workflows to create robust governance procedures based on their operational requirements and our international regulatory experience in private markets.

Arches Capital private markets team

The result

One of the key benefits of the Delio platform for Arches Capital is our digital-first approach. At the time of launch, the majority of their clients were working from home given that Europe was in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Their Delio-powered platform meant that they were able to satisfy their client’s desire to continue contributing and investing, as well as continuing to support the successful early-stage companies in their ongoing endeavours. 

Roel Bergsma, Managing Partner at Arches Captial said; “One of the qualifiers in our evaluation of the Delio technology was the fact that they continuously add features and improvements to the platform. They share their roadmaps and always listen to customers’ feedback and suggestions which has proven to be a valuable and appreciated trait of Delio.

Alternative investment governance

The added functionality to have entrepreneurs add company presentation videos to the elaborate document management features proves to be especially appreciated during this pandemic, where almost all are facing lockdown restrictions in some form or another.

Roel Bergsma Managing Partner, Arches Capital

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