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TritonLake is a boutique placement agent for private and alternative fund managers.  Headquartered in New York and with offices in Texas and Ireland, they provide fundraising and advisory services focused on investment allocations from an investor network of large RIAs (Registered Investment Advisers), family offices, fund-of-funds, and OCIOs (Outsourced Chief Investment Officers) in the US.

The challenge

The TritonLake investor network was demonstrating an increasing appetite for deal flow and requested that the fund opportunities be supplemented with differentiated direct deals. To achieve this, TritonLake were looking to create a secure and controlled environment where this greater volume of fund and direct deal opportunities could be filtered and reviewed.

After considering an in-house build and considering other alternatives, TritonLake found Delio’s technology to be the perfect solution to enhance the way they promoted private market opportunities to their clients.

The solution

TritonLake evaluates hundreds of fund and direct investment opportunities across the globe every year to bring the best ideas to their investor network. Therefore, a key feature of Delio’s technology offering was that it allowed them to centralise their investment onboarding process, with the addition of a formal workflow and audit trail.

Delio white-labelled their private markets platform for TritonLake, enabling them to offer their network digital access to investment opportunities while adding value to their brand and delivering a seamless engagement experience that their investors enjoy. Most importantly, the Delio solution allows them to share all of their investment opportunities in a secure and controlled manner with their investor network.

The result

Conor Smyth, Founder and CEO of TritonLake, said, “The feedback we have received to date has all been extremely positive, and we believe that the solution is adding, and will add, real value to our relationships and interactions. Our solution with Delio allows our investors to fine-tune their investment preferences and quickly find relevant and compelling opportunities all in one secure and easy-to-use interface. We are also pleased with the workflow and audit trail we have been implementing around opportunity onboarding.”

Overall, we have been delighted with the attention and service we have received from the Delio team and look forward to the continued development of our partnership going forward.

Delio Client Story - TritonLake
Conor Smyth Founder and CEO

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