Careers at Delio – A day in the life of a Designer
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Careers at Delio – A day in the life of a Designer

2nd March 2020

One of the main things we consider when developing Delio-powered platforms is the user experience. We have a dedicated team of design professionals whose job it is to make our software as intuitive as possible. As part of our ‘Careers at Delio’ series, our Design Manager Brad explains what it means to be part of a growing fintech.

What does it mean to be a Designer at Delio?

As a Design Manager, I lead the development of Delio’s design function. This ranges from creating high fidelity user interface mock-ups to implementing client and internal feedback. Being a designer means working closely with the Product team, scoping new features and products, as well as collaborating with the Front-End Developers to make our platforms user-friendly.

As our team is growing, I support and guide fellow designers, and ensure there is a continual improvement of processes, product quality and design standards within the team.

What’s your favourite thing about being a Design Manager?

There are lots of exciting challenges and experiences. However, what I enjoy the most is having the freedom to set design standards and being able to research new and exciting ways to take our product to the next level. I also enjoy mentoring and learning new things with my team.

What is one of the most exciting things you have been working on at Delio?

My highlight has been redesigning our core platform and taking the time to rethink our User Interface and User Experience Design. It is exciting to have such an impact on a product and work so closely with multiple teams. I got the opportunity to work with every squad member – from Product Owners to Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers and Testers – and I think this is what makes our platforms stand out.

We’ve been lucky enough to have had many success stories, but helping secure jobs for ten ex-colleagues of mine that enabled them to start their own careers at Delio will always be a personal favourite of mine.

Why is your role important in terms of Delio’s end-product?

There is a huge amount of time, knowledge and expertise that goes into all of Delio’s products. Each element is just as important as the next. Robust UI and UX designs, however, are fundamental to our clients and end-users who use the platforms daily.

There is a lot of positive feedback when our products are design-led, which is why we consider it for all use cases. Every element of the platform is planned from the get-go. This allows us to design a range of concepts and solutions and validate them with stakeholders and clients alike.

What are (in your opinion) the fundamental skills to have as a Designer?

The designer role is broad. It can range from UI and UX to product design and user research. Each one of these roles requires their own unique set of skills. Because of this, the following three points are important:

Their skillset for the desired role, in this case, the ability to understand and solve complex problems.

Their attitude. Communication and working with others is an integral part of design work, so being able to accept feedback and take on new challenges is something I particularly value.

Any Designer needs to take pride in what they are producing and must be keen to look at ways to improve their work.

If you want people to take away one thing from working at Delio and your team, what would it be?

We have a vast amount of knowledge at Delio. Everyone brings their own set of skills and expertise. If you enjoy learning new things and like a challenge, then Delio is a perfect place for you to grow and kick-start a career.