Careers at Delio – A day in the life of a Test Analyst
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Careers at Delio – A day in the life of a Test Analyst

2nd March 2020

Ever wondered what a Software Test Analyst does? Well, at Delio they play a crucial part in the software development lifecycle, constantly testing our platforms and new features to ensure that they run smoothly for clients. They also verify new features and ensure these are ready to be used. As part of our ‘Careers at Delio’ series, Senior Test Analyst Kim explains her role and how she got into testing.

What does your typical day as a Test Analyst entail?

The first thing I do is get a coffee with some of the team and look through Jira – a piece of software that we use to have an overview of all the coding and release work.

I then go through previously blocked and failed test tickets to see if they are ready to be tested. Blocked tickets are untestable and identify errors made during the development phase. These will need to be fixed before they can be taken further and re-tested.

Shortly after that, we have our daily stand-up with my colleagues to check and discuss any blockers within the squad. This is something all squads within the tech team do and it helps us to be aware of how we need to support one another.

After our daily stand-up, I start testing tickets within the test column and pass or fail them accordingly. We have a constant dialogue with the Developers and the Product Owner. This way we can clarify the acceptance criteria that we test the platform against, which is necessary to be able to have confidence in the features we are deploying. If there are no tickets to test against, I either carry out exploratory testing (using the platform as if I was a user) or write test scripts which make sure that the system is fully tested alongside the acceptance criteria.

How did you first get into being a Test Analyst? Were there specific routes?

I set up a website during an apprenticeship with a local business. It was a way of helping the business take online orders and go beyond their high-street audience. I really liked this part of the job, which is why I decided to study Computer Science.

After uni, I wanted to work somewhere where I could make the most of my degree. So, when I first moved to Wales, I applied for many software-related roles and started working at CGI as a Test Analyst before joining Delio.

What do you enjoy most about your job/being a Test Analyst?

No day is the same. There is no traditional office day, and I have the freedom to mix up my work. This can range from testing against tickets, writing test scripts, writing automation tests, and exploratory testing.

What is one of your favourite things you are working on right now?

One of the features I really enjoy working on at the moment is Communities. It is a brand new functionality that helps a range of investors and firms to engage with one another. As it is completely new, I feel I have genuine input into the product development and its release.

If you want people to take away one thing from working at Delio and your team, what would it be?
Our team works very well together. Everyone feels they can get up and talk to anyone without being judged, and because of this, stupid questions do not exist. It’s a supportive working environment where everyone, despite being busy, is happy to make time for one another to offer help.

What skills do you think are important for a Test Analyst to have?

One of the main skills I think is important is being organised and having a keen eye for detail. If you want to be a good Test Analyst you have to take the time to be thorough and think outside the box. At the end of the day, there are so many ways clients can use the platform, so it is important to put yourself in their shoes and think as they think.