Account Manager Tips: Bespoke transaction management

Account Manager Tips: Bespoke transaction management

14th November 2023

Managing multiple private markets investments can be complex, with operational, regulatory and commercial processes to manage simultaneously. This can take up a lot of time and resources. Without the necessary systems to support it, distributing alternative investment opportunities to clients can lead to investors suffering from a sub-standard investment experience, reducing the likelihood of raising capital and closing transactions.

This is where the Delio Core platform comes in. Configured to solve these challenges and free up resources, it digitises the entire private investment lifecycle. Allowing for the automation of workflows to reflect or enhance your existing internal processes, with clear milestones and notifications helping to ensure that each stage of the transaction is completed seamlessly. 

So that you’re optimising the use of Delio Core, our account managers have pulled together their top tips for managing your private markets transactions on the platform. 

Process automation

Bespoke workflows can be set up to reflect and automate internal processes, ensuring all investment opportunities move through each step without having to rely on human, manual input. 

The Delio Core platform allows you to tailor and configure each workflow to make sure they cover your specific requirements and replicate even the most granular regulatory processes. 

Steps can include commitment to investments, AML/KYC checks, the release of documents based on eSignature completion and more, perfectly designed to ensure you can input your existing processes. 

For example, many clients use this to ensure compliance with their regulatory requirements before distributing an investment opportunity. They set up an approval process that involves teams like legal and marketing to check and approve the information included. A full audit log can then be generated at any time to demonstrate this process has been completed and when.

As not every deal works in the same way, you’re able to create as many custom transaction management workflows as necessary for your operations. When you’re adding an opportunity to the platform, a Transaction Management Workflow field will appear (as long as there is more than one published workflow), where you can select the workflow you require from a drop down list.

Lisa Sheehan, head of account management, explains that clients can “save time and effort by making your preferred workflow the default setting for all newly created deals. This means that as long as you’re following the same process, you won’t need to create one for every new investment opportunity that you add onto the platform.”

Alternative assets - process automation

A transparent investment lifecycle

Both internal users and investors can enjoy a clear view of how opportunities are moving through each stage of the investment process at the click of a button. 

Internally, you can generate reports on funding and key metrics to track specific opportunities or get an overall platform view. Automated notifications will update you as investors commit to each stage or ask a question that requires a response from you. 

“Even if the stage your investor reaches doesn’t necessarily require a response from you, we suggest you use these notifications as reminders to check in with them”, explains Lisa. “At certain points in the process it can be reassuring to them to hear from you and discuss any questions they may have.”

From an investor perspective, process automation encourages them to take the initiative throughout their investment journey, while offering a clear view of the progress that has been made and the steps that need to be completed. Each stage, request and decision is tracked digitally to enable a clear and auditable view of each transaction, saving reporting time and enhancing regulatory governance.

Alternative investments - transparent investment lifecycle

Embedded notifications

Within your transaction workflows you can set up internal approval tasks. These can be used from a regulatory perspective to ensure that the investment is following the right approval process, or it could be used to notify an internal team about the progress of an opportunity that they now need to work on. 

“Having these steps embedded ensures specific members of your team are involved as and when their input is required, meaning they don’t waste time when they’re not needed, improving collaboration”, says Lisa.

Generating invaluable data insights

Every internal user and investor action is tracked across the platform in real-time, creating data-rich insights that improve your understanding of deal engagement and client behaviour.

These real-time insights can be used to help you understand what stage your investors are at in the transaction process and inform what action needs to be taken to move them along to the next stage of discussions.

“One of the most valuable elements of the data captured on the platform is the pre-investment interactions. You’re able to see who’s interacting with your investment opportunities before they commit. This can be used to drive commercial discussions and encourage investment” adds Lisa. 

Alternative investment customer journey

Want to find out more?

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