Account Manager Tips: Document management made easy

Account Manager Tips: Document management made easy

4th October 2023

Managing documentation for private markets investments can be complicated. Typically, it involves masses of paperwork and sensitive financial information, all of which is wrapped up in a complex web of regulations and structures. 

As a result, managing these documents effectively is a meticulous process that requires close attention to detail. When you throw in the fact that many private market investments need to be dealt with in a highly confidential manner, this just adds another layer of complexity that financial institutions need to consider when handling all the paperwork. 

This is where Delio Core comes in. The platform’s centralised document management system has been designed specifically to cater for the intricacies of the investment lifecycle and the various access and regulatory permissions that need to be adhered to at each stage. 

Understanding how to manage documents in this way is key to you maximising the potential efficiencies available through your Delio platform. To make sure you’re using it in the best way possible, our account managers have gathered some of their top tips to help make your documentation management easy. As ever, these are just some suggestions from our account managers, and how you use the platform is entirely up to you.

Manage document access from a centralised digital hub

Each investment opportunity you list on the Delio Core platform will have its own central document repository. From here, you can house any documentation related to the deal and set up folders to structure and manage the documents in the most appropriate way for you and your clients. 

There’s two main uses for folders. Firstly, they’re used to determine which documents are accessible to investors for each stage of the investment process. Secondly, you can protect sensitive files by locking folders and setting prerequisite criteria (e.g. signing an NDA) for investors to complete before they can access them.

To do this on the platform click on the More (ellipsis) button along the right edge of the table. Here, you can bulk select investors to share public or gated access to locked folders, and can set separate visibility for each investor and for each file.

Lisa Sheehan, Head of Account Management at Delio, comments; “This tool is useful for when you want all current and future investing clients to sign a document, like an NDA, before viewing sensitive files about a deal. To do this, simply mark your locked folder as Public and they will be able to view its contents but only after they’ve taken the necessary actions.”

Delio alternative assets platform functionality to manage document access from a centralised digital hub

Structuring folders for ease of use

To help ensure you have the best foundations for your document management strategy, the platform creates default folders with standardised pre-set visibility statuses for each deal. You can also create custom folders as a part of the transaction management workflows you set up for deals. 

Typically, the default folders include; Deal Information, Pre-investment, Initiated, Committed, Signatures and Completed. All of these folders are set to become visible when investors transition to the relevant transaction stage. 

This not only adds a more robust level of governance to your processes, but also helps to build trust and confidence in how the investment process is being managed. Ultimately, Delio Core is set up to help you find the right balance between sharing information with the right people and keeping it confidential when necessary.

Lisa adds; “Not all investment opportunities are the same, so we highly recommend our clients use their ability to create custom folders. Some find this useful for storing additional deal-related information at the beginning of the process, while for others it proves valuable for enhanced transaction management and the secure storage of confidential documents at a later stage.”

Delio alternative asset technology functionality to structure folders for ease of use

Managing NDAs digitally 

As stated above, document visibility can be set up based on the stage of the transaction process that an investor has reached or certain documents, such as NDAs, being completed. The Delio Core platform has embedded eSignature functionality which means it’s perfect for completing those NDAs in as seamless a way as possible. 

By having this part of the process embedded and digitised, it significantly reduces the time and effort required for all parties involved. Digital signatures enable quick and easy execution, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and physical signatures, thereby accelerating deal initiation. 

Moreover, this enhances security by providing robust authentication mechanisms, ensuring that only authorised parties gain access to sensitive information. As it’s integrated into the platform, it enables efficient tracking and auditing of document access, while also bolstering compliance and improving accountability.

Delio alternative investment management technology for managing NDAs digitally

Want to find out more?

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