Creating new opportunities with integrated deal structuring solutions

Creating new opportunities with integrated deal structuring solutions

3rd March 2021

February saw Delio present its first webinar of 2021; Creating new opportunities with integrated deal structuring. This webinar was founded on Delio’s recent launch of its deal structuring solutions service – more on that here. This service was established as a result of Delio’s recognition that many private market opportunities require a nimble structuring solution in order to create a uniform and streamlined transaction process for investors. Despite the fact that choosing the right investment structure at inception has important long-term benefits for the investor, in reality, this is a complex area that requires a high degree of expertise in order to achieve the best results for all stakeholders involved. 

The webinar saw Delio joined by experts from across the industry, who together discussed some of the different investment structures available and how, when combined with technology integration, can be considered a key component of creating a scalable, end-to-end private markets solution.

Speakers included – 

  • Alessandra Ricagno, Co-Head of Structuring at Delio who discussed structuring as part of the private market value chain.
  • Frank Sarfati, Lawyer at Sarfati & Associates who discussed structuring deals with Delio through a Luxembourg securitisation company.
  • Douglas Hansen-Luke, Executive Chairman at Future Planet Capital who discussed global innovation and impact investing.
  • James Fisher, Direct Investments Group at Julius Baer who discussed structuring funds for private markets. 

If you missed the live event and want to catch up you can access the recording below.

If you have any questions around our integrated deal structuring options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team directly.

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