Delio further digitises AML and KYC for private market distributors

Delio further digitises AML and KYC for private market distributors

1st November 2023
  • White-label private market infrastructure provider Delio has integrated an additional partner for digitised AML and KYC processes.
  • The new feature empowers firms to offer their investors a hassle-free AML and KYC process through the user-friendly Delio platform, simplifying compliance, and improving user experience standards for investors.
  • The new functionality is part of Delio Core, the highly configurable, white-labelled private markets operating system used by more than 65 financial institutions around the world.

Delio, the financial technology firm that digitises the private market strategies of leading financial institutions, has integrated with SumSub to allow for Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks to be streamlined through the Delio Core platform. 

With this integration, Delio’s AML/KYC module enables financial institutions to create a more streamlined transaction workflow. Investors input their identification details, related documents, and perform self-ID verification, all through Delio’s leading client experience technology.

With real-time data synchronisation, the institution ensures that compliance and fraud-proof verifications are achieved swiftly and effectively, significantly reducing the administrative burden placed on both them and their investors.

This enhances private market processes by sequencing compliance checks, and redefining user experience standards for investors. Firms can seamlessly integrate vital compliance checks into the Delio Core platform’s custom workflows, ultimately streamlining the management of regulatory obligations.

Gareth Lewis, chief executive of Delio, commented “Our technology and investment vehicle solutions have already been delivering secure and efficient compliance solutions, streamlining workflows and enhancing investor experience; this integration further underscores Delio’s commitment to supporting our clients in achieving their capital raising goals within alternative investments.”

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