Formation of Delio’s values
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Formation of Delio’s values

10th January 2023
What are company values?

Company values represent how our team strive to think, behave and react to internal and external influences. Delio’s values influence decisions that encourage the team to achieve the company’s vision and goals. These values represent who we are, what we do, and the culture we instil at Delio.

Delio’s company values

Full details on our company values can be found on our website.

Lisa Crotty, our Enterprise Client Director had this to say regarding the creation of our values:

“It’s great to have company values in place which set the tone for our overall culture and influence how we interact with clients and colleagues. The values which resonate with me most are being Ambitious and Dependable. As a scale-up, we need to be ambitious and set ourselves stretch targets in order to reach our goals and grow as a business. Being dependable is also key, both internally to ensure colleagues are always supported and never face challenges alone; as well as externally to ensure we are always there for our clients when they need us.”

How did Delio’s values originate?

Our values were formulated from input from the entire team, resulting in five core areas that Delio aims to achieve through its culture.

We started the process by appointing ‘values representatives’ within each department of the business. We asked them to get together with their teams for individual brainstorming sessions to gather insight into what they felt would be suitable values for Delio.

Following this, we collated the feedback, hosted a strategy session with each team’s department leads, and debated and put forward cases for those values submitted that we felt best-encapsulated life at Delio.

What about behaviours?

After we established the five core areas of our values, it was essential to build these out further by attributing behaviours to them in order to provide context around how the values can be put into practice. Both the team feedback and the leadership strategy session gave us ample inspiration to do this successfully.

Attributing visulisations to our values

Following a soft launch of our values and behaviours to the team, we realised that we needed visual content to help bed in important ideals. This is when we began workshopping different iterations of imagery that we felt represented our chosen values and behaviours.

After multiple versions and lots of time spent conceptualising we settled on the following:

Callum Yaw, our Digital Content Designer, shared his thoughts on the creation of the imagery:

“Attributing compelling visuals to our values is important for our team to feel connected to something that is authentic to Delio. The series of actions we developed express the ethos of their associated behaviours, offering a glimpse into our ways of working. What’s crucial now is not stopping here. Taking a strategic approach to demonstrating how living our values will meet business, client and team goals will set us up for success.”

Values in action

Since establishing our values, we’ve been busy working on different initiatives and creating various pieces of collateral to put them into action.

One of the key elements we created as part of this was our values recognition scheme. It was created to recognise team members who have gone above and beyond and demonstrated a real commitment to living Delio’s values. Every month ahead of our company-wide meeting, nominations are submitted by all employees and then reviewed by our Chief Executive before winners received shout-outs and prizes on the call.

In addition to this, we’ve been busy creating all sorts of physical and digital collateral and merchandise which all promote our values. This includes desktop wallpapers, laptop stickers, new officer decor and not to mention some swanky new Delio sweatshirts displaying our values artwork in full!

Having these tangible elements helps us to elevate our values, making them more applicable to different situations and contexts as well as making them more memorable both internally and externally.

We’re looking forward to continuing the roll-out of our values-related goods as we drive forward with our mission to embed these into every aspect of life at Delio.