How Delio technology can help to increase engagement with private markets deals

How Delio technology can help to increase engagement with private markets deals

14th October 2022

Given the level of demand and capital being deployed to private markets over the last decade, it’s unsurprising that an increasing number of financial institutions are offering their clients access to alternative assets. Greater competition means it is now more important than ever for financial institutions to maintain strong relationships with their clients. It also means that they need to adapt their engagement strategy in order to tailor opportunities to each individual investor and personalise the service they receive. 

As the number of clients wanting to access alternative assets grows, the traditional approach of sharing investment opportunities on an ad hoc basis or during face-to-face meetings is simply not sustainable. As a result, many institutions are already adopting a tech-based strategy to make sure they keep up with investor demand and expectations. In this article, we take a more detailed look at how firms are increasing client engagement with private markets deals through the use of Delio’s technology.

Building relationships based on insight

Creating a strong partnership between firm and client is vitally important, particularly during times of increased competition. Personal, human interactions will always be at the heart of building these relationships, but institutions that are using a Delio-powered platform are also benefiting from access to substantial amounts of data that can offer previously unearthed insights. This can then be used to tailor their engagement strategy; for example, by identifying which types of deals clients are viewing the most, or what time of day they are most actively exploring investment opportunities. 

The days of presenting clients with folders filled with page after page of pitch decks are long gone; in their place is access to a digital platform that delivers information in a way that allows the client to filter it based on their preferences. Delio’s technology also enables firms to personalise their client engagement with specific messages that are targeted, personalised and timely. In turn, this will help to build the client’s trust with their adviser by being able to demonstrate that they are responsive, relevant, and engaging at the right time. 

Professional and consistent communication

Clear and professional communication is a vital tool of any financial institution. With an increased reliance on digital channels, it is essential that client engagement remains professional, personalised and consistent at all times. 

Delio’s integrated deal distribution functionality helps to centralise a firm’s engagement strategy and enables the creation of consistent and professional client communications. When an investment opportunity is uploaded to the platform, it can be configured to notify relevant investors directly based on their regulatory profile or other criteria. 

Using sleek email templates and deal cards, firms can digitally present as much or as little information as they wish on opportunities through rich text, video content and supporting documentation. An added bonus is that managers can see what actions their investors have taken as a result of this communication, enabling a personalised follow-up.

Accessing investment opportunities on-demand

The increased use of technology has fundamentally changed the way financial institutions engage with their clients. They now expect to be able to access services and information at their convenience and on the move; being able to explore private market investment opportunities 24/7 via the Delio platform is just another way of meeting these expectations. 

Traditionally, connecting investors with private market deals has relied on slow, manual, human-led strategies which are archaic and inefficient. Therefore, increasing client accessibility is key to overcoming one of the main challenges facing financial institutions – how do they scale their private markets proposition? 

As firms aim to deliver more deals to a wider audience of clients, Delio’s technology is enabling institutions to share the latest investment opportunities so that they are accessible from anywhere, at any time. In an increasingly global world, this also helps to engage clients who may be difficult to reach because of being located in different timezones or through regular travel.

Making decisions based on data-led insight

By digitising the private markets investment lifecycle, Delio’s technology plays a vital role in helping institutions to unearth insights into investor behaviour and preferences based on tangible data trends rather than ‘gut feel’. 

As a starting point, institutions can use their client data to create profiles based on investment and risk preferences. These profiles can then be used to tailor offerings to specific clients. This not only helps increase client engagement on the platform by offering a personalised view of deals for each user, but also mitigates risk by ensuring that investors are only ever able to access deals that are appropriate to them.

Beyond this, digitising operational processes means that institutions can see which deals their investors are interacting with, when they’re active, and in how much detail they have explored the deal. This invaluable insight can then be used to plan a more effective and efficient client outreach strategy. For example, follow-up calls could be prioritised with clients that have requested further contact or have downloaded deal information, rather than speculatively calling everyone that the deal was sent to. This approach will help to ensure that relationship managers are working more efficiently and targeting prospects that are more likely to convert to investors. 

Technology is central to effective client engagement

Private markets are evolving and investor demand shows no signs of slowing down. As a result, alternative assets will play a key role in how financial institutions build and maintain relationships with their clients. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, institutions need to find new and innovative ways of not only delivering access to these opportunities, but doing so in a way that engages and excites their clients.

Technology will be critical to delivering this strategy and has fundamentally changed the way private market transactions take place. As a result, forward-thinking firms that are digitising their client engagement strategy pose a significant threat to traditional financial institutions that continue to operate as they always have. Clients no longer see digital engagement as a ‘nice to have’; it’s an essential component of how they deploy their capital. 

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