Striving for a more diverse and inclusive working culture
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Striving for a more diverse and inclusive working culture

6th July 2020

Since inclusivity is at the core of our work culture, we decided to use Pride month to reflect upon our own business culture. While it’s easy to update our logo in support of a range of communities, Pride and diversity shouldn’t just receive our attention during June or when Black Lives Matter movements are in the news. There is a lot of social change happening at the moment and many businesses like ourselves are reevaluating how we can all do better and create more diverse and inclusive working environments. 

The fact that the UK FinTech industry lacks diversity is not new news. We work in an industry that’s forward-thinking and offers a range of opportunities for businesses and talent alike, yet, the finance, tech and fintech sectors continue to fall short when it comes to diversity.

Next to being a fair employer and offering opportunities for all, there are multiple business reasons why an inclusive workspace is something to strive for. Diversity helps us to take our technology to the next level by considering a broader range of views, working methods and knowledge. The tech and fintech industries, like many other industries, cannot create a product that targets the needs of a diverse audience, without being developed by a diverse team. Additionally, promoting workplace diversity helps us to learn from one another, promote better team culture and ultimately reduces the risk of employees feeling misrepresented and misunderstood.


Where we’re at

Regardless of gender, sex, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, ethnicity, cultural background or social background, we took this month to reflect on how far we’ve come and what we can do better in the coming months and years to promote an inclusive workplace.

At Delio, we want everyone to feel like an integral part of our business story; we want to encourage a ‘speak-up’ culture that empowers people to thrive and where we do not tolerate any form of harassment, bullying or exclusion.

Although our team has always been inclusive, we’re proud to say that in the last twelve months, we have become more diverse. Thanks to expanding as a company, we’ve welcomed three times as many women to the team, ranging in various roles – from product owners and test analysts through to finance, marketing and account management. Blind hiring processes ensure we encourage as diverse a range of applicants as we can, and we’ve amended our job descriptions, so they appeal to a broader audience. Our team is more international than ever before, with representation from eleven different nationalities and operating across six time zones.


Looking ahead: More can be done

Yet, while we’re promoting an inclusive workspace, we understand that more needs to be done. Diversity and inclusion are not static themes, which is why we’ve set up a dedicated committee of employees who focus on our culture to assure that nobody feels excluded from the team.

Aligned with this we’ve set ourselves the following goals for the coming months:

  • Strengthen our work policies: Every new employee at Delio already receives an overview of our work policies on inclusion and diversity. However, over the coming months, we aim to refine this further and focus particularly on LGBT+ and BAME discrimination to ensure everyone within the team fully understands these policies.
  • Develop a clear mission statement regarding inclusivity in the workplace, supporting minorities within our team.
  • Introduce Lunch and Learn sessions: We’re introducing a knowledge-share programme in which employees can discuss a range of topics that are important to them and give employees a platform to share their stories.
  • Review and audit our recruitment data regularly. This way, we’ll be able to evaluate data on diversity better, helping us to identify potential barriers when it comes to having a diverse team.
  • Continue to strengthen our communication channels. Thanks to internal surveys, apps like Slack and weekly team meetings, we’ve been able to create a range of communication channels that are there to encourage open dialogue. Through retrospectives, employees have been able to give anonymous feedback not just on projects, but also on the business itself and life at Delio.
  • Make the most of internal surveys to evaluate what is working and what is not. As employees remain at the forefront of the business, we want to give them the chance to voice their views anonymously through internal surveys. Over the next few months, we hope to use these surveys to gauge initial feedback on our diversity policies and work environment.
  • Champion inclusive behaviour within teams and the wider company.

We hope that by setting these goals, diversity and inclusivity will remain at the forefront of our company culture – where we champion inclusive behaviours, raise awareness and celebrate diversity.