Transforming investor onboarding

Transforming investor onboarding

15th September 2023

Imagine a streamlined, compliant and personalised investor onboarding experience for you and your investors. Does that sound too good to be true? Well, Delio Core enables you to do just that. Plus, it’s designed specifically to tackle those complex onboarding processes that are typically associated with providing your clients with access to private markets.

So, how does it work? Delio Core digitises the entire onboarding procedure, employing automated KYC/AML checks, integrated compliance measures, and customised communications to mirror the specific processes required by your organisation. This tech-led approach significantly reduces the administrative load on your team and enables them to focus their attention on fee-earning activity or adding value to clients.

A streamlined, automated onboarding process

Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming onboarding processes. Delio’s intuitive private markets platform automates key tasks, from gathering investor information and conducting KYC/AML checks, through to document submission and due diligence.

This eliminates the burden of manual paperwork and lengthy procedures from your team, resulting in heightened efficiency and quicker turnaround times. This enables you to promptly onboard investors and capitalise on time-sensitive investment opportunities, while also providing a much less onerous client experience for your investors.

Integrating robust compliance checks

Delio Core seamlessly integrates robust compliance checks into the onboarding process, ensuring that every investor’s profile aligns with your firm’s classifications and regulatory requirements. This feature not only mitigates risk and helps you to personalise the investment opportunities offered to your clients, but also instils confidence in investors that they’re dealing with an organisation that places high professional standards at the core of their operation.

In addition to this, digitisation of these processes contributes to enhanced accuracy and error reduction. Automated data collection and verification processes minimise the potential for human mistakes, enhancing confidence in the accuracy of data being recorded and its adherence to compliance requirements.

Customised investor experience

Every investor is unique. Delio enables you to tailor onboarding experiences to individual investors, ensuring you’re asking the right onboarding questions to match their profile. 

This information is then used to present them with relevant opportunities that match their preferences and risk appetite. This personalisation enhances engagement and satisfaction, setting the stage for long-lasting client relationships.

Given that the onboarding process is likely to be one of the client’s earliest interactions with your organisation, presenting a slick, seamless process like the one crafted by Delio establishes a positive tone for future engagements. Its intuitive and user-friendly design provides investors with the confidence to use the platform and engage more regularly with the deal flow presented on it.

“We wanted investors onboarding to the Darksquare platform to have a seamless onboarding experience, while also ensuring that all of the necessary compliance criteria are being fulfilled. Using Delio’s technology has really streamlined the process and made it much easier for all involved, so we’re really pleased overall.” Daniel Harman Co-founder and CEO of Darksquare

Effortless document management

Delio simplifies the onboarding process by providing a secure digital repository for all required documents. Investors can conveniently upload and access their information, creating a user-centric experience that encourages collaboration.

Furthermore, your team gains comprehensive visibility into all documents within the system, allowing for effective monitoring and management of the entire onboarding process, free from the constraints of traditional paper-based approaches.

This real-time accessibility, for both internal team members and investors, eliminates bottlenecks and enables timely intervention, ensuring that any issues or delays are promptly addressed, ultimately expediting the onboarding process.

Moreover, Delio’s integrated KYC/AML checks seamlessly work with the document management system. This means that you and your investors have access to a platform in which data flows seamlessly and compliance is upheld, without compromising efficiency.

Data-driven insights

At the point of onboarding, you have a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into investor preferences, risk appetite and classification. This information can then be incorporated into their profile, offering a comprehensive overview that can be used to tailor your engagement strategy.

Once they’re onboarded and using the platform, you will be able to access real-time data on their behaviour and usage trends. For example, you’ll be able to tell when they tend to log into the platform, what deals they’ve engaged with, and which asset classes they are most interested in.

This data empowers you to fine-tune your investment strategies and offerings, optimising your business performance. This means that you can ensure that you’re talking to investors about the right opportunities at the right time. 

In summary…

Investor onboarding poses challenges for both institutions and investors. Delio Core will reduce this burden for all parties thanks to highly customisable workflows that enable you to gather the investor information and declarations that you need once and once only.

This streamlined and fully digitised process not only improves the client experience but also creates a centralised data hub that can be used to deliver highly personalised services based on investor preferences. 

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