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Supporting you throughout the investment lifecycle - simplifying the complexity as your single point of interaction

Design Delio's alternative asset investment vehicles


Forming the framework that allows advisors and distributors to develop custom product distribution and fundraising strategies that align to their specific needs and regulatory requirements. Built by experts.

Manufacture Delio's alternative asset investment vehicles


Creation of relevant documentation with reduced operation costs and overheads, with ongoing distribution processes and workflows embedded into Delio Core for a seamless investor experience.

Administer Delio's alternative asset investment vehicles


Ongoing support for the transaction management and reporting activities throughout the life of the investment. Fully outsourced and handled by Delio's team of experts, there to support you all the way.

Manage Delio's alternative asset investment vehicles


We can provide AIFM services for our Lux SPV and RAIF programs to deliver advisors with the governance framework and expertise to enable them to launch funds and FoF strategies compliantly.

Choose from a suite of investment vehicles that can be designed to your specific configurations:

  • Lux Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)
  • Managed Lux Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)
  • Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF)
  • European Long-Term Investment Fund (ELTIF)
  • UK Nominee
  • Cayman Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC)
  • Delaware LLC
  • Lux Special Investment Fund (SIF)
  • Swiss Partnership
  • Custom Solutions

How financial firms use Delio Structuring Solutions:

  • Launch new products and propositions across asset classes in line with investor demand 

  • Reduce access minimums to broaden investor participation and increase reach

  • Aggregate investors into alternative investment products more efficiently

  • Retain client AUM within selected vehicles as part of broader client offering

  • Increase operational efficiency and raise more capital through digitised client experience

  • Create uniform processes for investors to increase transaction efficiency

  • Streamline investor onboarding, subscription and reporting through a single provider

  • Digitise investor KYC and AML processes to reduce investment risk and ensure compliance

  • Create customised investment structures to drive product innovation and new opportunities

Investment Vehicles in Private Markets

Our report explores the transformative impact investment vehicles are having on the market, and delves into their pivotal role in bridging the gap in democratisation and innovation.

Download your copy
Investment Vehicles in Private Markets Report - Delio

Download your copy

As investors’ appetite for alternative assets has grown consistently over the last decade, the industry has been left with little choice but to react. For many, white-labelled investment vehicles provide a viable solution.

We’ve explored this evolution in detail and analysed how investment vehicles are making an impact on private markets in our latest report, covering:

· The democratisation of private markets
· How is the industry creating better access to private markets?
· Investment vehicles: What they are and what do they do?
· Case Studies: Investa Solutions & Bolt Angels

Delio’s Investment Services

Delio can support numerous aspects of your proposition, recognising your needs may go beyond that of a traditional technology provider. Find out more about how else we can support you in enhancing your proposition, removing operational overheads and giving you the time to focus on your clients.

As an FCA regulated firm, Delio has designed a regulatory support service that can be seamlessly embedded into your platform’s day-to-day operations.

As part of our regulatory coverage, Delio will be accountable for undertaking the regulated activity of “arranging deals in investments” on your behalf and act as a ‘bridge’ for firms seeking direct authorisation or to professionalise their operation.

Delio Core regulatory compliance for private markets

Delio can help you to streamline your compliance processes by offering integrated Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) checks for your investors that are conducted through your platform.

We execute appropriate checks on issuers and investors using next-generation facial recognition technology that enables us to perform ID checks in real-time and confirm that the ID matches the actual person. Checks can be conducted remotely online via a digital portal or run on your behalf.

Digitised AML/KYC for private markets

As part of your implementation, Delio can support back book migrations of historic positions, enabling you to easily move your portfolio data from its current location into the Delio Core platform. 

This upgrade process allows for high volumes of data to be ingested into the platform with minimal admin overhead and ensures that when your investors log in to their enhanced digital client experience for the first time, all historic positions, documents and activities will be readily available. 

Client portfolio reporting data alternative assets

Our team of experts can reduce the manual burden of your post-investment accounting by digitising and automating how you generate financial statements and capital accounts within Delio Core’s private markets technology.

This process allows you to reduce operational overheads to drive a more efficient and compliant client experience, white-labelled to meet your requirements whilst allowing you to refocus your time on advising and managing your private markets product shelf.

Client portfolio reporting documents on alternative assets
Delio Core regulatory compliance for private markets
Digitised AML/KYC for private markets
Client portfolio reporting data alternative assets
Client portfolio reporting documents on alternative assets

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