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{"products":[{"name":"Delio Core","url":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/products\/technology\/","icon":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2024\/02\/delio-core-spot-illustration-01022024@2x.png","description":"Technology infrastructure for enhancing client experience across the private markets investment lifecycle"},{"name":"Delio Structuring & Investment Services","url":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/products\/structuring\/","icon":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2024\/02\/delio-structuring-spot-illustration-01022024@2x.png","description":"Configurable investment vehicles and supporting services for removing investment friction"},{"name":"Delio Plus","url":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/delio-plus\/","icon":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2024\/02\/delio-plus-spot-illustration-01022024@2x.png","description":"Leverage our technology and expertise to partner and build for bespoke use cases and applications"},{"name":"Delio Vaults","url":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/delio-vaults\/","icon":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2024\/02\/delio-vaults-spot-illustration-01022024@2x.png","description":"Connected platform ecosystems for syndication, multi-firm distribution and managing multiple white-label layers"}],"solutions":[{"name":"Digitise distribution, reporting and client experience","url":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/?page_id=8647","icon":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/06\/delio_growth.png","description":""},{"name":"Automate transaction workflows and data insights","url":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/?page_id=8707","icon":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/06\/delio_efficiency.png","description":""},{"name":"Embed and manage robust regulatory governance","url":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/?page_id=8714","icon":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/05\/governance.png","description":""},{"name":"Digitally embed investment vehicles","url":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/?page_id=8819","icon":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/06\/delio_engagement.png","description":""},{"name":"Manage multiple propositions and tools via a single client interface","url":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/?page_id=8833","icon":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/06\/delio_reporting.png","description":""},{"name":"Enable digital institution to institution deal sharing","url":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/?page_id=8824","icon":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/06\/delio-network.png","description":""}],"company":[{"name":"About us","url":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/company\/","icon":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2024\/02\/v1.2-team-menu-icon-01022024@2x.png","description":"Discover our story and team"},{"name":"Careers","url":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/careers\/","icon":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2024\/02\/careers-menu-icon-01022024@2x.png","description":"Careers and opportunities at Delio"},{"name":"Contact us ","url":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/contact-us\/","icon":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2024\/02\/contact-menu-icon-01022024@2x.png","description":"How to get in touch"}],"insights":[{"name":"Blogs & Insights","url":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/news\/","icon":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2024\/02\/news-menu-icon-01022024@2x.png","description":"Delio's private markets and tech insights"},{"name":"Research & Briefings","url":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/resources\/","icon":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/06\/delio-platform-1.png","description":"Our industry research, briefings and more"},{"name":"Press Room","url":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/press-room\/","icon":"https:\/\/www.deliogroup.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2024\/06\/v1.0-cross-border-promotion.png","description":"Resources for journalists and editors"}]}

Solutions by module

  • Marketplaces, distribution and investor onboarding

  • Transaction workflows and subscription processing

  • Integrated KYC, governance and digitised approvals

  • Embedded investment structuring and administration

  • Investor portfolio reporting and document generation

  • B2B2C distribution and broadening product access

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Delio’s digital tools and expertise make your private markets proposition work harder and smarter.

We’ve outlined this in our two page overview where you can discover how the breadth of our white-label technology can enhance your capabilities.

Client types and example use cases

Select a client type:

Alternative Fund Manager use cases

LP onboarding, subscriptions and reporting

Effortlessly onboard and manage subscriptions for your LPs with our digital white-labelled private markets infrastructure. Benefit from streamlined reporting, enhanced client experiences, and seamless transaction workflows tailored to your investment needs.

Vehicles for democratisation and broadening access

Broaden investor access with our integrated solutions. Our platform enables alternative fund managers to lower access minimums, expanding participation across diverse asset classes and investor types.

Deal by deal/co-investment offerings

Utilise our turnkey solutions to seamlessly manage co-investment programmes. Simplify workflows, enhance governance, and provide investors with a superior digital experience for each unique investment opportunity.

White-label investor portals

Delio's white-label investor portals, powered by our digital private markets technology, offer a seamless, configurable experience that transforms client engagement, streamlines investment processes, and optimises portfolio reporting.

Outsourced KYC and regulatory support

Optimise your compliance requirements and regulatory operations with Delio's integrated KYC/AML services. Digitise and automate compliance checks, reducing overheads and focusing on client satisfaction with real-time, remote verification solutions.

First-time funds and investor aggregation

Leverage your deal-by-deal track record to launch a fund and aggregate investors with Delio’s range of private markets investment structures. Utilise the right solution for you from within our global programmes, and scale quickly through streamlined onboarding for efficient, compliant fund management.

Opportunity distribution and syndication

Leverage Delio Core's technology to efficiently distribute and syndicate investment opportunities, ensuring compliance and enhanced investor access. Our modular solutions integrate seamlessly, offering a comprehensive, user-friendly experience.

Feeder funds and investment services

Delio Structuring's integrated solutions enhance feeder fund launch and ongoing management across a range of multi-jurisdictional programs. Benefit from reduced access minimums, increased efficiency, and comprehensive regulatory support for a seamless investor experience.

Investment reporting and portfolio monitoring

Transform investor reporting using our integrated white-label technology. Simplify data consolidation, generate comprehensive reports, and gain real-time insights across various asset types and structures for superior investment governance.

Workflow digitisation and process improvement

Partner with us to co-create tailored digital solutions using Delio Plus. Simplify your fund administration workflows, reduce operational overheads, and achieve seamless integration, ensuring robust governance and exceptional investor experiences.

Client reporting and document generation

Partner with us to leverage technology and expertise that can transform the way you digitally deliver reporting solutions for your client base. Gain real-time performance insights, centralise reports, and automate document generation, enhancing transparency and efficiency across your investment lifecycle.

GP/LP market infrastructures

Transform your GP/LP infrastructure with our configurable technology. Co-create digital solutions that aggregate systems, reduce inefficiencies, and provide a unified experience, empowering better access. distribution and operational excellence.

Digital transformation and client experience

Leverage our capabilities to co-create digital private markets infrastructure for your front, middle and back-office operations. Enhance client experience, operational efficiency, and unlock growth with our bespoke technology solutions.

Marketplace and distribution strategies

Enhance your marketplace strategy with connected platform ecosystems powered by Delio Vaults. Streamline multi-firm distribution and manage multiple white-label layers to build a compliant and efficient digital private markets proposition.

Third-party and proprietary product aggregation

Simplify product aggregation and opportunities for product innovation by co-creating solutions with partner firms underpinned by Delio Vaults technology. Our ecosystem connectivity enables secure, compliant distribution between firms, broadening product access and client satisfaction.

Digitally integrated distribution tools

Efficiently distribute investment opportunities with Delio Core’s integrated tools, enhancing investor engagement through real-time analytics, support for rich media, and tailored workflows to embed compliance and operational efficiencies.

Multi-jurisdictional onboarding and client attestations

Delio’s white-label technology offers seamless onboarding across multiple jurisdictions, integrating KYC/AML in transaction processes to embed compliant investor classifications, tailoring their overall client experience.

Workflow digitisation and process improvement

Digitise your processes with Delio Core’s configurable workflow, centralising operations and reducing regulatory burdens through automated, data-driven tools that help you configure your internal and transaction workflows.

Plug-and-play white-label technology solutions

Transform or launch your D2C marketplace offering with Delio’s white-label solutions, enhancing client experience and operational efficiency across the private investment lifecycle, from distribution to portfolio reporting, seamlessly integrated or standalone.

Feeder funds and investment services

Streamline feeder fund operations with Delio’s integrated investment structures, enhancing investor access, operational efficiency, and capital raising through our digital private markets solutions.

Outsourced regulatory support and administration

Trust Delio’s regulatory support to seamlessly professionalise your platform’s operations. Our comprehensive services make sure compliance is robustly embedded and administered efficiently, letting you refocus your time on client experience.

Institutional white-label marketplaces

Enable seamless investment workflows with Delio's white-label solutions, offering modular or end-to-end integration to optimise your LPs experience and streamline operational processes.

“Friends & family” co-investment reporting

Delio Core’s technology solutions can provide placement agents with real-time reporting for their co-investment programmes, consolidating data and offering critical metrics - empowering ease of access and ongoing proposition engagement with your LPs.

“Friends & family” investment structures

Enable flexible and efficient transacting on friends and family programmes with Delio's structuring solutions, offering reduced access minimums and streamlined onboarding processes that tailors your LPs experience in line with the nuances of your offering.

Ecosystem connectivity and community engagement

Use Delio’s digital private markets technology to create digital cause-led investor communities. Share new opportunities, engage targeted networks, and streamline cross-border collaboration for impactful social impact initiatives.

Fund creation and product structuring

Harness our technology and investment structures for social impact investment structure creation. Integrate custom investment structures, enhance investor experience, and maintain compliance with our end-to-end support and conditional subscription workflows.

Innovation projects and technology co-creation

Transform your social impact initiatives with Company A’s collaborative technology solutions. Co-create custom digital platforms across distribution and reporting, streamline workflows, and enhance data and automation capabilities for impactful, efficient project execution

Alternative fund distribution and reporting solutions

Leverage Delio Core’s technology to efficiently distribute investment funds and generate detailed, branded reports on their performance post-investment. Enhance investor transparency and streamline internal reporting with real-time data insights, ensuring robust compliance and governance.

Multi-jurisdictional client onboarding and attestations

Leverage Delio Core's end-to-end infrastructure to automate compliance across multiple jurisdictions. Integrated KYC/AML tools and configurable investor classifications make sure regulations are adhered to and your clients’ experience is streamlined.

Investment clubs for direct deals and co-investments

Maintain a central hub for all investment activities, aggregating investors to enhance collaboration and working toward consistent, compliant processes across the private markets investment lifecycle.

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