Careers at Delio – A day in the life of a Propositions and Partnerships Manager
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Careers at Delio – A day in the life of a Propositions and Partnerships Manager

3rd March 2020

As Delio continues to scale, developing partnerships and finding new ways of offering value to clients is vital. As part of our ‘Careers at Delio’ series, our Propositions and Partnerships Manager Ash outlines what this new role entails.

What do you do as a Propositions and Partnerships Manager?

I head up Propositions and Partnerships, which is quite a new area at Delio. As a company grows, it is crucial to look at strategic ways to attract clients. And, the partnerships function plays a key part in this.

My job is very varied. I spend a lot of time looking at exciting ways for us to collaborate with our  partners, which include the likes of UKBAA, PwC and many more. My day is consumed by client meetings and strategic projects that will ultimately contribute to Delio’s growth.

What do you like about working in the Fintech sector?

The Fintech sector is currently one of the most exciting and fastest-growing industries. Not just in the UK, but worldwide. As the private markets industry grows, digitalisation is becoming more critical, especially for driving areas such as compliance and investment engagement. These changes are having a massive impact on how organisations interact with their investors.

To play a small part in that is pretty exciting and something that I did not want to miss out on.

Why do you think Partnerships are essential to Delio?

Great partnerships are vital for a scaling company. Combining Delio’s strengths and abilities with other companies is one of the best ways for us to solve some of the complex challenges our clients face.

Strategic partnerships benefit everyone: the business, employees and customers. As a company, we can increase our market share; customers benefit from the products and services we provide; employees can expand development opportunities as they become exposed to other companies and how they work. This helps employees gain new insights and expertise.

How did you first get to work in Propositions and Partnerships? Were there any specific routes?

My own ‘Careers at Delio’ story was born out of the fact that I have always enjoyed working with people, and I knew I wanted to go down that route. I initially chose partnerships over a role in account management, for example, because it allows me to work with a variety of stakeholders across the business.

How would you describe working at Delio?

At Delio, I not only get the chance to work with some of the most exciting names in finance, but I also get to work with a great team of people.

Working in a scale-up comes with its challenges. However, it is extremely rewarding when you start finding solutions to those challenges. The drive of the team becomes apparent in everything we do.

What skills do you value in someone operating a Propositions and Partnerships role?

Excellent communication is essential. Partnerships are all about building collaborative relationships where both parties benefit. For this to be effective, you need to understand each other’s needs and recognise that these needs may change over time. So being able to communicate at all levels, clearly and concisely, is invaluable.

The other skill is adaptability. As we work in an ever-changing industry, we need to be able to adapt to our partners’ evolving priorities and, consequently, adjust our strategic projects.