Careers at Delio – A day in the life of a Support Associate
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Careers at Delio – A day in the life of a Support Associate

3rd March 2020

At Delio, developing technology is at the heart of everything we do. However, our responsibilities don’t stop when we deliver a platform, as we support our clients and their users once their Delio-powered platforms are live. Our support team plays a crucial role in this process, so as part of our ‘Careers at Delio’ series, we asked Support Associate Adina to shine a light on her role.

What does a Support Associate at Delio do?

As a Support Associate, my main job is to offer guidance to the users of our Delio-powered platforms. If a user has any questions or is experiencing any issues, I am the first point of contact. It is my role to troubleshoot any problems and offer support in terms of product functionality. However, my role varies. Most recently, I have begun rebuilding our support centre, developing more comprehensive Help articles that allow users to find answers to common problems and learn more about the different features within our platforms.

What does your typical day entail?

There isn’t one typical day. Each morning I check if any issues have been raised. From that moment onwards, my day can vary completely. One moment, I am directly liaising with a client, the next moment, I am thinking of potential queries that users may have about upcoming features and am drafting guidelines or an FAQ document. And then, at other times, I forward users’ platform feedback to the rest of the team to help us to continuously improve our software.

What do you like best about being a Support Associate?

One of the main things I love about this role at Delio is that we value our clients. We listen to them and implement feedback. It is great to see action being taken and seeing the results of these changes.

I thrive on finding solutions – especially in terms of troubleshooting any issues and helping clients make the most of their platforms. I also enjoy listening and receiving their feedback on our product’s different features. It allows me to find out what works best for their individual needs.

What would you say to people interested in developing their careers at Delio?

Everyone cares. Not just about each other, but also about our clients and their clients. Because of this, I like the way my team works. You immediately realise that the people you work with enjoy what they do. It’s a friendly and supportive working environment filled with dedicated people, who are willing to take on suggestions and find solutions.

What makes (in your opinion) an excellent Support Associate and team member?

In my opinion, anyone working in support needs to be a good listener and supportive. Empathy is crucial, and it is essential to place yourself in the clients’ shoes to understand some of the queries they may have. I also think being a problem-solver is vital, as that is your prime role – anticipating challenges and finding solutions to them.