Cross-team learning during National Mentoring Month
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Cross-team learning during National Mentoring Month

9th February 2021

It goes without saying that over the last year, the working environment shifted immensely. As a company, we wanted to continue to support a work setting where we could learn from one another, despite being apart. We kicked off 2021 by taking part in National Mentoring Month, celebrating peer-to-peer learning and sharing the team’s skills and experiences.

As part of our commitment to National Mentoring Month,  we encouraged members of our team to host monthly Lunch ‘n’ Learn sessions, where they could share their knowledge on topics that they had a particular passion for. From ‘thinking and dreaming big’ through to the art behind designing empty states, we learnt a lot (both about each other and different fields of life and work!). Here are some of the learnings that we took away from the sessions.

Dreaming big to play big

January is the time for new year’s resolutions and setting new targets. But, what does it mean to set a goal? And how does dreaming big help you to set targets and motivate others to join you on this journey? Our Switzerland-based client director, Katie, used knowledge gained through her MBA studies and personal life experience to share some tips on defining goals and creating a life plan. Here are our key takeaways:

  1. Regardless of what you’re aiming for, whether it’s setting new goals, starting a new hobby or planning a new challenge, it’s important to understand the reason behind why you want to go on this journey before you make a start on it.
  2. Define your dreams – whether in your professional career or beyond, with a Mad, Sad, Glad list. Writing these down and thinking about them over time can help you realise what you deem as a success and in what direction you want to proceed.
  3. To play big, you need to have a plan. This means splitting up your life goals into smaller, do-able chunks; finding a vision; learning the skills; gathering the resources and actioning your tasks.

Staying motivated

Lockdowns have definitely impacted motivation across the board at some point or another. So, having one of our lead developers, Alex, run a Lunch ‘n’ Learn session on motivation during a month that is commonly believed to cause the blues, was perfect timing. Here are a few of the things we learned from one another:

  1. Identifying one thing that you find intriguing or exciting in a project that isn’t necessarily something you’d typically enjoy, can act as a  motivating tool to push you through. Always search for even the smallest motivating factors to give yourself the boost you need to finish the task.
  2. Doing things together, and finding someone who can support or motivate you makes all the hard work more manageable and fun.
  3. Competition may motivate some and demotivate others. It was great hearing about all of the different things that push our team out of their comfort zones. Whether it’s improving your personal bests, ticking off a to-do list item, or even just writing a list in the first place.

The power of empty states in product design

We also used this time to spotlight our team’s work, acknowledging the power of learning across departments. Callum, one of our designers, introduced us to empty states and how thoughtful empty state designs can contribute to a compelling user experience. Here are some of our main takeaways:

  1. Empty states are moments in a user’s experience within a webpage where there is no data to show. This can range from an error page to an onboarding page, to a ‘thank you’ page after submitting a form. It can also appear after searching or filtering content that doesn’t exist.
  2. Developing these types of designs involves a lot of reflection. The art of creating an effective empty state is to be almost undetectable. It’s intended to direct how you interact with a space to achieve your desired result, and not distract your attention away from what’s important.
  3. Here at Delio, we’re in the middle of developing our empty states, and we are excited to see some of the artwork and processes our designers have come up with – watch this space!

It’s fair to say that our Lunch ‘n’ Learn sessions have shown us a new way of thinking. Whether it’s cross-departmental learning or shifting our attitudes, we really enjoyed the knowledge that these sessions brought to the table and the discussions that followed. So much so, that we look forward to continuing our Lunch ‘n’ Learns beyond National Mentoring Month!

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