Happy new year! Celebrating Delio successes and what’s to come in 2021
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Happy new year! Celebrating Delio successes and what’s to come in 2021

Gareth Lewis 12th January 2021 Gareth Lewis, Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Delio

With the new year now in full swing, we’ve been reflecting on some of the product milestones we, at Delio, have achieved over the course of the last year.

Since the launch of Delio, we’ve made it our mission to make private markets investing as accessible and easy to navigate as possible. While demand for investments in private markets has increased consistently for well over a decade, 2020 saw a further drive in the diversification of investment portfolios and an accelerated switch to more digital solutions. The increase in users, deals, and investments we have seen across our platforms has certainly reflected the growing importance of private markets in a holistic wealth management strategy.

An overview of our 2020 platform milestones

  • Today, 30,000 investors and financial professionals across the world have access to a Delio-powered platform.
  • A 131% increase of users, who regularly use the platform to manage their investments and navigate the private markets landscape.
  • As 2020 came to a close, over 1,050 investment deals spanning a variety of asset classes were live across these platforms, demonstrating that the depth and breadth of opportunities available to today’s investors.
  • Delio-powered platforms are hosting almost £25bn-worth of live investment opportunities.

Though once considered high risk and challenging to manage, private markets investment opportunities are here to stay. This is highlighted by the fact that more private banks, family offices, wealth managers, boutique institutions, and angel networks enter this market to meet their clients’ evolving investment needs. More so, they choose to do this digitally through the use of highly configurable technology that simplifies their operational processes while enabling investors to take a more proactive involvement in how their wealth is managed.

What does 2021 have in store?

As the demand for digitisation grows, we’re enhancing our technology. Over the last year, Delio’s product and tech teams have reinvigorated our platforms, developed new functionality and created designs that will strengthen the user experience of the 30,000 people using our digital tools. From a new way to manage transactions and clearer deal cards, through to new data room capabilities and enhanced communication tools, we look forward to migrating our clients to their new platforms in 2021.

We’ve also launched the Delio Structuring Solutions service. We understand the importance of structuring investment opportunities correctly (both for investors and those managing their portfolios), but we realised that this niche area can be challenging to manage without the relevant expertise and experienced support. After welcoming experts in this area to our team last year, we’re now pleased to be able to offer these services ourselves. We’re going to be digging deeper into our new offering and the need to digitise this part of the investment experience, during our first webinar of the year which will take place at the end of February (full details to be released shortly). 

The trials and tribulations of the last year mean that economic uncertainty continues to prevail and is likely to remain with us for some time. However, with the roll-out of vaccinations starting to gather momentum worldwide, we’re hopeful that 2021 will see a return to a more normal way of life, both personally and professionally. As many countries head back into lockdowns, we hope everyone keeps safe and healthy. And, as always, if there is any way that we can support you and your clients throughout this time, please do not hesitate to get in touch.