Delio backs Fintech For All Charter

Delio backs Fintech For All Charter

8th September 2020

The UK FinTech community has launched a FinTech For All Charter; an industry-led initiative to end harassment and promote diversity within the sector.

With the Charter, businesses and organisations have made a commitment to the sector. It is our goal to make the industry more inclusive and diverse so that it can thrive. For this reason, Delio is proud to support this initiative in the first place and to be among its first signatories.

How did the FinTech For All Charter start?

The FinTech for All Charter is headed by InChorus and supported by Innovate Finance, FinTech Alliance, and Level39, with the Financial Conduct Authority supporting the steering committee.

The idea of a Charter emerged following a sector survey, which revealed high levels of workplace harassment; most of which were notably related to gender. With this in mind, InChorus decided it was time to take action and promote a more inclusive and diverse culture. More importantly, it was time to advocate for a working environment that encourages a speak-up culture so that harassment does not go unnoticed and is reported.

What we pledge:

By signing the Fintech For All Charter, we are taking the first step to a more inclusive sector. As part of this commitment, we:

  • Have a member of our Senior Management Team accountable for inclusion and diversity who also signed the Charter.
  • Actively promote the importance and seriousness of our Harassment & Bullying policy.
  • Take a zero-tolerance approach to any form of bullying, discrimination, and harassment.
  • Raise awareness of systematic bias and what constitutes harassment.
  • Encourage and celebrate inclusive practices.
  • Promote a speak-up culture, offering employees a safe environment in which they feel they can address and raise issues through dedicated reporting channels.
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Gareth Morgan, COO at Delio, who signed the Charter on behalf of Delio, said:

We’re proud to sign this Charter and highlight our commitment to making the fintech sector more inclusive. The industry thrives on collaboration so to see so many companies come together to show their support for this much-needed change is encouraging. Now it’s time to turn our words into action and become a sector that is more accessible, inclusive and diverse. Signing this Charter is a first step for change, with hopefully many more to follow.