Delio launches Ventures initiative for alternative asset marketplaces

Delio launches Ventures initiative for alternative asset marketplaces

24th November 2021

Delio has launched Ventures – a new initiative to form strategic partnerships with marketplaces that offer investors direct access to alternative assets. Ventures partners will be able to use Delio’s technology, knowledge and expertise to accelerate the growth of their marketplace and enable greater investor access to private markets.

The Ventures programme forms part of Delio’s strategy to accelerate and simplify how investors can access the most exciting opportunities in alternative asset classes such as real estate, impact investments and collectables. 

Underpinned by Delio’s configurable private markets technology, the Ventures initiative is available to any organisation operating in the alternative assets space. This can range from pre-seed concepts to established marketplaces. 

As a Ventures partner, organisations will have access to a suite of Delio’s tools, including their market-leading technology, strategic expertise, and consultancy services. New partners will join a range of organisations that have already utilised the Ventures programme to power platforms that offer clients access to investment opportunities across private market funds, real estate and impact investing.

Delio Ventures

Gareth Lewis, chief executive of Delio, said: “The launch of Delio Ventures marks another critical step in scaling investor access to private markets. While Delio’s growth has been based on our ability to enable financial institutions to distribute, manage and report on the private investment opportunities they offer to their clients, we know that direct to investor marketplaces are also gaining significant traction. However, many marketplaces lack the time or resources to develop the sophisticated digital platforms needed and take advantage of the opportunity in front of them.

The way in which Delio’s technology has been engineered means that we are able to deploy it in diverse and exciting ways. This is why we are keen to work in partnership with a wide variety of marketplace providers, from early-stage concepts to more established platforms. Regardless of the maturity of their offering, I am confident that we can add value through the significant experience we have acquired during our work with some of the world’s most respected financial institutions”

As a Ventures partner, organisations will receive access to a wide range of exclusive benefits. These include their own white-labelled Delio platform, regulatory support, strategic support from Delio’s team of experts, and access to a wide range of professional services. One of the success stories that has already emerged from the Ventures programme is Impact Agora. This specialist marketplace connects institutional investors with businesses operating across the impact and ESG space. Since its launch in April 2020, more than 90 firms have formed a digital community that has shared more than $1.5bn worth of investment opportunities via the platform.  

Lewis believes that the rapid adoption of platforms such as Impact Agora shows that firms involved in the Ventures project can expect to grow their business at pace. “Delio’s technology and expertise will act as the foundation on which they can build their marketplace, without any of the capital expenditure and operational delays that you would typically associate with this type of business. We believe that this will be a transformative step in democratising access to private markets.”

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