Different platform layouts, different results: How your Delio platform homepage can add greater value

Different platform layouts, different results: How your Delio platform homepage can add greater value

20th October 2021

Your Delio platform homepage is one of the most valuable aspects of your digital private markets offering. This is your online ‘shop window’ and represents how your organisation is viewed by your investors and deal providers. However, before you can focus on adding content, you need to consider whether your current homepage’s focus is working for you and your clients. 

Did you know that Delio platforms have two potential homepage views you can choose from? Each one offers the opportunity to highlight different aspects of your private markets proposition. Whether you want to focus on investment opportunities or investors’ portfolios, these platform pages can be configured in line with your preferences. Senior account manager, Bhumi Ladva, breaks down the two options and highlights which design might be the better fit for you.

Deal-centric homepage: It’s all about the latest deals

The majority of Delio-powered platforms will use the deal centric platform homepage configuration. It’s our go-to page structure when promoting exciting investment opportunities. 

This layout will showcase multiple featured deals – typically those that have been added most recently or are appropriate for your investor base to view. It’s an attractive way to steer investing clients towards the newest deals for which they qualify. More so, this type of homepage will automatically update whenever a new deal is added, ensuring that the platform’s homepage is regularly refreshed.

Platform homepage shows three deal opportunities with pictures and funding bar

The visualisation of these deals and the use of large images make this type of layout more enticing for clients accessing the platform. Each deal card gives users a quick two-line overview of the investment opportunity. They can also contain supplementary tags about the investment location, sector and tax benefits. These snippets of information give your clients a high-level understanding of whether these new deals are a good match for them.

One of the key advantages of the deal-centric homepage is that (when enabled) it shows the funding secured bars of each deal. More so, minimum investment information and deal closing dates can be used to stimulate investors’ interest and encourage them to interact with deals that are time-sensitive or have deadlines approaching.

When is the deal-centric homepage right for you?
  • If you want to focus attention on your platform’s newest deals
  • If you regularly update deals on your platform
  • If your primary focus is on raising capital

If this doesn’t work for you, then our portfolio-centric platform homepage might be a more suitable fit.

Portfolio-centric homepage: It’s all about reporting and performance

This platform homepage focuses on reporting, high-level metrics on deal performance, and overall statistics.

The portfolio-centric homepage will be presented differently for internal users who manage the platform and external investors. With this layout, internal users receive an overview of the platform straight after logging in. From the total sum that has been invested through the platform to deal valuation, these insights link directly to the reporting tool, where you can dig deeper into the data.

Platform homepage shows overview of platform insights and statistics on performance

Your investing clients will see a breakdown of their own portfolio and its performance. Statistics around Return on Investment and the amount invested to date give targeted insights surrounding their portfolio. Instead of showing all the latest deals, the deal cards focus specifically on your client’s investments.

One of the key benefits of this type of platform layout is that it is results-driven. It interlinks to the platform’s reporting features and is the optimal solution when you want to focus on your client’s portfolio outcomes and obtain this information quickly and efficiently.

Platform homepage for investors only shows statistics relating to their own investment. Deal card of investment they invested int
When is the portfolio-centric homepage right for you?
  • If you have open-ended funds on your platform
  • If you want to obtain information on all your deals in a summarised way immediately 
  • If you want clients to see their investment details at first glance
  • If your primary focus is on performance and reporting

Modifying your homepage layout?

Switching between platform homepages is a straightforward process that the Delio team will be happy to support you with – simply request the change with your account manager or ask to see a  preview. Please note, these types of modifications are only accessible to Professional clients. If you’d like access to this configurability but are not on our Professional plan, please speak to your account manager about upgrading.

To switch between your homepage design or understand the portfolio-centric homepage better, please get in touch with your account manager.

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