Maximising operational efficiency through the use of Delio technology

Maximising operational efficiency through the use of Delio technology

16th January 2023

The world of private markets can be complex. They’re typically associated with highly tailored operational procedures and complex regulatory governance, meaning that financial institutions struggle with operational efficiency in the space and often struggle to scale their propositions without creating operational challenges and inefficiencies.

Currently, many institutions rely on manual, human intervention at various stages of the investment lifecycle. From deal origination to promotion, collating and interpreting data from various sources, extracting valuable insights and actually using this information to generate commercial opportunities is a hugely time-consuming process. Without the intervention of technology, this can also be costly and often creates regulatory ‘black holes’.

Given the demand for illiquid assets is reaching record levels, financial institutions have been left with little choice but offer their clients access. However, these firms are at risk of operating inefficiently and leaving themselves unable to scale their propositions if they don’t integrate technology and automate their processes.

Delio’s digital tools have been engineered to achieve this precise goal – to help financial institutions to connect their clients with private market opportunities quicker and more effectively than ever before.

Why digitise for operational efficiency?

Using technology to manage your private markets efficiently means that you create a central digitised hub, around which every aspect of the investment lifecycle is managed. 

Once your operational process is defined and integrated into the Delio platform, much of it can be automated to meet your specific requirements. At the same time, approval processes can be embedded at various stages to ensure that everything is operating as it should.

The operational efficiency benefits that financial institutions have seen from implementing a Delio private markets platform include:

Reduced reliance on manual processes

By utilising process automation, you remove the reliance on human intervention to complete manual, administrative tasks. This means that deal friction is reduced as each member of the team will know precisely when their input is required, and everyone has visibility of each deal’s status which leads to a more efficient and transparent way of working.

In addition, all tasks and actions are automatically tracked and can be easily reported on. This approach aids cross-functional working and offers complete visibility from a compliance perspective.

Improved client engagement

We live in a technology-led world. Clients will no longer tolerate requests to digest paper-based information or complete manual, slow processes when most other aspects of their life are fully digitised and managed ‘on demand’. 

Delio’s technology allows you to manage client communication, documents, data storage and reporting at the click of a button. From a client experience perspective, investors are presented with a slick, intuitive and frictionless experience that allows them to take control of their investments. 

Perhaps one of the best ways firms can derive value from the platform is by exploring how clients have engaged with deals. These real-time insights can inform commercial conversations and ensure that relationship managers target the clients most likely to deploy their capital. This highly targeted approach also means that staff can save time and focus on building personal and meaningful relationships with investors.

Real-time reporting and insights

The days of pulling data from multiple, siloed spreadsheets should now be long gone. Delio’s private markets technology enables institutions to collate a transparent view of your entire private markets operation through highly configurable dashboards and reports. 

All operational data is stored in one central location and can be managed directly from the platform or extracted for further analysis offline. This also reduces the burden of collating management information and portfolio reporting. 

Why invest in technology now?

With private markets reaching a pivotal stage in their growth and a sustained increase in investor interest, firms must act now to ensure that their processes are effective, scalable and meet customer expectations. In short, digitising will become a necessity, and those institutions still using traditional approaches will be at risk of being left behind.

Delio technology has been proven to fundamentally improve how financial institutions around the world deliver client access to private markets, allowing them to operate efficiently. To find out how, see what our clients have to say. If you want any help or advice on scaling your operations via technology, get in touch with the team to book a demo.