New private markets deal structuring solution provides ‘easier access’

New private markets deal structuring solution provides ‘easier access’

4th February 2021

Financial firms looking to offer investors access to private markets can now benefit from a unique investment structuring solution that allows them to provide their own private equity and alternative investment funds, without the need for prior experience or expertise.

Delio has launched a new private markets deal structuring solution that gives companies and organisations the chance to create their own offering.

The structuring solutions service gives organisations, including asset management companies, private banks, family offices and investment clubs, the chance to have a structured investment vehicle created to suit their needs, ranging from semi-bespoke to fully tailored solutions depending on their requirements. Each product is fully compliant with all relevant regulations and can reduce the complexity of sourcing and offering alternative investments to potential investors.

Delio’s private markets deal offering is headed up by former JP Morgan Private Bank private equity specialist Alessandra Ricagno and Béla Hanratty, who worked in fixed income at UBS Investment Bank for eight years.

Ms Ricagno said: “We have a wide range of options that will suit any organisation that wants to offer access to private markets, including everything from securitisation companies, feeder vehicles, a CSSF registered AIFM in Luxembourg and a UK nominee solution. Alternatively, if an organisation needs a fully bespoke solution, we can work with them to create it.”

The aim of the proposition is to create an elegant investment experience for investors while reducing operational risk and ensuring compliance for the company or organisation offering the private equity opportunity.

A private markets deal structuring solution can be fully integrated with Delio’s technology which offers the benefits of process automation, greater operational efficiency and reduced regulatory risk across each stage of the investment lifecycle. However, clients can also take advantage of the structuring solution as a standalone service should they wish. Ms Ricagno added:

“Organisations can pick and choose which parts of the private markets deal structuring offering works best for them and we can configure a solution based on their specific requirements. Working with Delio means that an organisation can offer access to private markets and satisfy the increasing demand from their clients, without having to invest the time, money and effort to hire a complete team of in-house experts.

Delio’s private markets technology is tried and tested and is already being used by some of the world’s most respected financial institutions. This additional service complements our digital tools and is a significant step towards our ability to offer a holistic private markets solution. It enables institutions who want to offer access to alternative asset classes and areas such as impact investing to do so in a cost-effective, fully compliant way.”

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