Seven ways to get clients engaging with your private market deals

Seven ways to get clients engaging with your private market deals

26th July 2021

During the summer months, the financial world traditionally tends to slow down a little as many enjoy their summer holidays. However, that doesn’t mean that interactions with your clients need to stop. On the contrary, investors will likely have a bit more thinking time to calculate their next steps and search for new private market deals to invest in. Here is where a Delio-powered platform can help. Our private markets technology features enable investors to browse appropriate investment opportunities at their convenience and initiate the conversation.

We’ve highlighted some of the easiest ways financial firms can use our technology to spark up conversations and share private market deals with their clients. 

Let your clients kick-start the conversation

At Delio, we believe in empowering investors through our platforms; different call-to-action buttons allow investing clients to start conversations around specific private market deals that interest them. Each deal can feature a dedicated Q&A tab for investors to pose questions, while they can also request more information. Firms can also enable a ‘commitment’ button, so their clients can suggest a sum they’d like to invest and start the investment process. Of course, any transactions will have to be confirmed by the relevant financial adviser first.

How to: This feature can be activated and deactivated per deal. If you already have a Delio-powered platform, please speak to one of our account managers to find out how to start this process.

Make sure your deals get noticed with instant notifications

It’s quick and easy to tell clients about the latest private market deals that have just been launched or give them a nudge when a deal is about to close. Firms can notify all of their qualifying investors instantly through the click of a button when a new deal is live. Similarly, customisable emails can be sent directly from the platform, allowing advisers to keep clients up-to-date about an investment.

How to: Enter into the investment opportunity and click ‘email the deal information’ under ‘deal actions’ to promote the investment.  Or you can use the distribution list functionality to send your personalised message to a specific investor, a distribution list or multiple clients.


Build targeted distribution lists based on client preferences

Connecting investors with relevant private market deals is key to successful engagement, which is why our distribution lists allow financial advisers and wealth managers to group clients based on specific criteria. For example, you may want to collate your impact investors in one dedicated list or save all of your clients with an interest in a particular sector such as real estate. That way, you can target investors based on their specific interests once a suitable deal is launched, saving significant time and effort.

How to: Building a distribution list is straightforward. Simply enter the main menu, drop down to distribution lists and create a new list.  To add or remove investors from a distribution list, enter the relevant list and start editing.

List of distribution lists to share private market deals

Highlight the most relevant investment deals with on-brand newsletters

Share all your top private market deals at once and give your clients a quick insight into each opportunity by sending a regular newsletter to suitable clients. It’s a perfect way to digitally round up the investment opportunities you want to draw clients’ attention to and generate traffic to your platform. 

Creating consistent email communications that align with your company’s branding requires planning, which is why clients can create, save and edit email templates. These templates will help you to save time and maximise the effectiveness of all types of communications.

How to: Before creating your newsletter, select the relevant list of contacts you want to address via our distribution list feature (main menu > distribution lists). Send an email to all and start drafting your newsletter. When creating an email, you can save a new template or load a pre-saved template, saving you more time in the future. These templates are not automatically enabled, but our account managers can switch them on upon request.


Share deal information when investments are reaching their funding target

Is a deal closing soon, or is it nearing its funding target? In recent months many of our clients have found that activating the ‘Funding secured’ bar on their platforms can encourage investors to act. Nobody wants to miss out on a promising opportunity, and this tool is a great way to start a conversation with clients who are sitting on the fence by answering any questions or concerns they have.

How to: Turn your funding secured bar on via the main menu > my organisation > options > show funding secured bar.

Private markets technology

Share relevant advice or updates with the Homepage news feature

Do you have some exciting news to share that could be relevant to clients? Instead of just relying on a LinkedIn post, firms can use the News bar on their platform to keep clients in the loop of the latest developments. Whether it’s an important update from your team, your investment blog, or a guide that you think might be useful for your clients, Delio platforms allow you to share these. Through our features news stories section on our platforms, these updates will sit at the top of the homepage and are highly visible to clients when they first log in.

How to: Share updates and news stories in just a few clicks via the main menu > homepage > news.


Build up excitement around upcoming events

Your clients need to be the first ones to know about upcoming events and webinars. From live pitch events to how-to webinars to online networking sessions, you can flag forthcoming events to your clients directly via your platform. Like your news section, any featured events will appear on the homepage. It is a great way to draw attention to it after sending initial invites and promoting your event via email.

How to: To share events through your Delio-powered platform, enter the main menu > homepage > events to fill in all the necessary details. Registering the event as a ‘featured event’ means it will pop up on your clients’ platform homepage whenever they log in.

News and event items on a private market deals platform