Compassionate investing: Veganism isn’t just a dietary choice anymore

Compassionate investing: Veganism isn’t just a dietary choice anymore

17th March 2021

Veganuary has come and gone, but it is fair to say that veganism has moved on from being a niche diet choice. As more people become more conscious about their impact on the planet, many have started to adapt their lifestyles to reflect this. According to the Good Food Institute, more and more mainstream consumers are buying plant-based products, ‘outpacing overall food growth by more than five times.’ Whether it’s turning to vegan diets and lifestyles or trialling plant-based meals, consumerism is at a turning point, and with this in mind, opportunities to invest in this space are growing.

The opportunities of compassionate investing

The vegan investment movement encourages a new form of business that does not depend on animals for food, clothing, furniture, cosmetics or medicine. From dairy alternatives to technology that would replace animal-based testing, the range of companies across this landscape is broad. Yet all strive to achieve one common goal: a kinder, cleaner, and healthier planet.

In the last decade, there has been significant growth and sophistication in this market. According to industry forecasts by the Meticulous Research institution, the plant-based food market will be worth $74.2 billion by 2027. This demonstrates a substantial financial opportunity for investors who are switching to sustainable finance. It also enables animal rights advocates, vegans, and eco-conscious investors to make alternative products more accessible so more consumers can make the change. And how can they do that? By supporting business models built around a vegan philosophy.

Cutting through the noise

As more businesses market their ethical and vegan products, it can be difficult for investors to navigate this space. To access these deals can be difficult as these companies are widely spread across different geographies, and the level of technology involved in some of these new products can be challenging to get one’s head around. To avoid the risk of investing in companies that greenwash or where a high level of investment will be needed to scale and grow, investors need to tap into expert guidance and a better flow of information.

This is why Beyond Animal was created; to connect the animal-free ecosystem and provide investors with access to start-ups and scale-ups in the vegan space and an overview of the landscape of opportunities. Companies and investors joining the Beyond Animal platform can submit their deal details and insert their investment criteria to get matched using Beyond Animal’s proprietary algorithms.

As Claire Smith from Beyond Animal said:

“It’s encouraging to see more consumers switch to animal-friendly and plant-based products. Yet, to maintain this momentum and ensure that companies with vegan and sustainable products flourish, more money needs to flow towards investment in vegan alternatives. By pulling in fundraises from its large network of businesses, the Beyond Animal platform allows investor of all sizes to find deals that match their criteria, which can include additional impact screens linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”


Powered by DelioFunding by Beyond Animal is a digital dealroom that takes this a step further by presenting investors with the opportunity to transact in selected deals from companies focused on creating a greener and more sustainable future.

Find out more about the vegan investment landscape on 18 March at the Virtual New Food Invest conference hosted by Beyond Animal and ProVeg. It’s an opportunity for investors and financial advisors to learn about the new-food sector’s new developments and hear from entrepreneurs making a change in this market as well as expert investors. Companies pitching at this virtual event will be among the first deals available to investors on Funding by Beyond Animal. Find out more at